Eco-Touristic Guidelines

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Eco-tourist decalogue


... because taking care of places we visit is our shared responsibility.

Mass tourism in many countries has led to environmental degradation and irreversible changes in ecosystems. It also affected the population, occupations and contributed to the degradation of culture and tradition. For the sake of the environment and the broadly understood cultural heritage of the regions, we would like to encourage you to read the 'Eco-tourist Decalogue' and apply it during your own travels.


  1. Take care of water. We use as much as we need, turn off the tap, report to the building administrator if the taps are not tight etc. We only give towels to be washed when necessary.
  2. Use energy sparingly. We turn off the lights in empty rooms, turn off devices that we do not use.

  3. Care about the environment. We take empty bags/containers with us when there are no dustbins. This also applies to handkerchiefs, diapers, sanitary napkins etc. We pay special attention to this in forests and on mountain trails. If possible, we segregate garbage.

  4. Take care of the air. Means of transport are an important element raising pollution, where we can we will choose a bike, scooter or hiking. Burning garbage in a bonfire, for example, is not allowed. We avoid the use of aerosols and choose environmental protection measures.

  5. Care for the ecosystem. We keep places we visited in the condition we found them or better. If we have time for this, we can think about organizing the cleaning of the place, etc.

  6. Choose agritourism and local accommodation. We get to know the local people, the local culture and traditions better.

  7. Get to know the local cuisine. Let's look for locally run places that serve dishes from local products. We will enrich our knowledge and discover new flavours.

  8. Support local handicrafts. Let's pay attention to souvenirs we buy. Let's choose locally crafted products.

  9. Show respect for the local population. The place we visit is a place of permanent residence for others. Residents have their own culture, habits and way of living. If it is possible, we participate in the holidays they celebrate. Let's celebrate otherness, observe without judging.

  10. Show respect for the local fauna. Wild animals should also be respected by us because they are part of the ecosystem and determine its balance. Let's refrain from participating in organized hunts. Let's support organizations that protect wild animals. Let's use their services to explore, observe and protect the fauna.


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