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The Eco-Smart Project team presents the training materials on eco-tourism, sustainable tourism development and eco-path creation. We believe these materials are suitable for informal adult education and also for self-studying.

In order to ensure that our teaching materials are of high quality and suitable to our target groups we would appreciate your input by completing our survey. Your feedback will be included in the final version of the teaching materials.

Here is link to the evaluation form. 

The training materials were created under Erasmus+ project Eco-SmaRT (Education for Sustainable Development of Regional Tourism) by all the project partners in Poland (coordinator), Italy, Ireland and Turkey. 


The training materials are divided into four sections: 

1. Education for Sustainable Development. FIRRIP, Poland
- Education for Sustainable Development. Cooperation of organisation and people within the community.

2. Eco-tourism - theory and case studies. ITT, Ireland
- Introduction of governmental policies on eco-tourism and sustainable development, inluding actions undertaken to reduce tourism footprints and addressing tourist ethics.
- Sustainable Development in the Tourism Industry. Providing a baseline between tourism and intangible cultural heritage, including risks and opportunities.
- Case study and an example of best practice based on Western Ireland.

3. Eco-path.  Mardin HEM, Turkey
- Creating an eco-path.
- Ecological pathway handout.
- Evaluation form.

4. Cooperation with local goverments and decision making on eco-tourism. Volunteering in tourism., Italy

Lesson 1: How to do this - Marketing and Advertising Campaign in Tourism.
- Lesson 1: Excercise
- Lesson 1: Handout

Lesson 2: Working with local governments. 
- Lesson 2: Handout

Lesson 3: Global Code of Ethics for Tourism
- Lesson 3 Handout

Lesson 4: Methods encouraging eco-tourism. 

Lesson 5: Types of voluntary initiatives for sustainable development.
- Lesson 5: Handout