Project promotion in Krzeszowice on the 25th of May 2019

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27 may 2019

Eco-Smart project was also present during festival of countess Zofia in Krzeszowice. 

During Festival of countess Zofia project partners promoted project on a stand on the main square in Krzeszowice.  Every partner brought brochures and leaflets in different languages and  some sweets and regional products to share with the public. The project’s flyer was also disseminated.

- Turkish partner gave a demonstration about the EBRU art and had some of their students’ hand made products; for example, handmade jewelly and bags

- All partners were giving out project leaflets, bags and pens to festival attendees.


It was very successful dissemination as many people stopped and asked about our project. Ebru art workshops have been met with lots of approval.. During three hours around 100 people took part in the Ebru workshop and found out not only about Ebru but also about our project.