Summary of Eco-Smart Picnic in Dębnik

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27 may 2019

The Eco-Smart picnic was organized to share the experiences gained and  created eco-paths. 

The Eco-Smart picnic started at 2pm in the afternoon. Picnic was attended by circa 100 people. Among guest were Waclaw Gregorczyk - mayor of borough Krzeszowice and chairman of city board Adam Godyń. 


Picnic started by introducing guests and thanks to everyone for their presence and thanks to Helena Cekiera mayor of Debnik for hosting the meeting. 

During the meeting project partners presented their institution and the project’s aims and results, Eco-paths were also presented. Turkish group presented Ebru art.


As part of eco-tourism there was local food and traditional music performed by Dudek Lewicki band, women club from Paczóltowice and members of Senior Club from Krzeszowice. The meeting ended with Italian performance.